do you know joe corbi?

he owns a pizza shop somewhere far, far away, with a huge staff full of excited pizza sellers.

some of them would stop by my elementary school, and teach me all about selling frozen pizzas to my family & friends. if i sold 17 and a half boxes, i would win a lava lamp!


“Mom, you HAVE to take this order form to work & make everyone buy everything.”

“I do? Who said?”

“Joe said so!”

“Who is Joe?”

“He’s the pizza man with the lava lamps!”

“So, what you’re saying is, I sell them for you and you get a lava lamp?”

“Yes, but you gotta sell 17 and a half boxes mom. ready, set, go!”

somehow my mom always ended up being my appointed sales rep. she had a ridculous sales record in items ranging from girl scout cookies, to wrapping paper, to frozen joe corbi’s pizza.

did i ever get my lava lamp, you ask?

no. but i did get the next best thing!

 joe corbi’s make-your-own pizzas. my favorite variety: sausage! our freezer was ALWAYS full of them. maybe that’s how she sold so many . . .

it was nights like tonight, when my mom would have her work christmas party at our house, that me & the broski would score on the joe corbi’s stash.

we were sent to my room with a full jc sausage pizza and a movie, while the adults “partied” & talked about dogs, clients and grooming.

it’s crazy to think it is my mom’s 26th work christmas party tonight. what i wouldn’t do to have a slice of jc sausage pizza to celebrate this occasion.