i am the worst free-library-book-borrower-in-the-entire-world.

i used to be SO good. i would even pretend to be a librarian.

growing up, i had a rack of stamps & any book i could get my hands on, i would stamp the inside cover, just like i always saw ms. harris do at the school lib.

stamp that bad boy with a due date.

when we had library day at school, i about pushed all the kids down to get to the front of the line. i’d skip/walk/run down the hall, as i “shhhhh”-ed the rest of the class. i mean, it’s library day, people!

picture it: the freedom to roam through shelves&shelves of stories. it amazed me.

i would bee-line it straight to the horse books.

read them all? alright, no problem; detour to the gymnastics books.

all checked out? not to worry; scooted on over to the babysitters club series.

aisle too crowded? pish posh; it’s only a skip, hop & jump to nancy drew!

not in the mood for girlish mystery? shoot, take the off ramp to american girl land.

too much drama for your mama? settle with what you know; what you love: sweet valley high.

once i settled on my paper treasures, i would run to the check out, mesmerized as ms. harris would scan each book with care & stamp it with a due date.

{all books were then shoved in my barbie bookbag; safe&sound.}

once home, homework no longer existed . . .

“yes mom, it’s all done. i did it during recess!”


“yep, in between rounds of tetherball.”

“righhttttt . . .”

i’d sit for hours on the window-sill-seat-thingy, reading. reading. reading. break for dinner. back to reading.

too dark? head to my room. more reading. i had not a care in the world. there was time to sit & enjoy a precious story.

present day:

i borrowed a book from the library on october 27, 2011. i read the first two pages. it was due on november 15, 2011. i missed the due date. i renewed it a week later, in hopes of really reading it this time around. today, i decided to return it to the lib, still with only two pages read.

it’s not like i don’t want to read it. i just don’t make time for it.

i now owe the public lib 50 cents.

it amazes me how i incure debt for something i onced loved so dearly.