I hate green gum.

do you have an unexplainable pet peeve?

of course you do!

if you say you don’t, well then, you’re lying. & you just added one more thing to my list of pet peeves:

 “people who read my blog & lie when i ask them a question”

at the top of my list is a pet peeve i honestly can not explain.

i’ve tried. really i have. i thought about it long and hard, and i can not come up with a reasonable explanation.

i hate spearmint.

in other words, i hate green gum, green mints, green toothpaste, green mouthwash & green candy canes.

odd?       totally!

legit?     absolutely.

i get sick to my stomach if i’m around the smell that protrudes from a green, spearmint item.

it really has cost me a few friends & a few potential friends.

{{friend pops a piece of gum in her mouth & looks at me. she extends her hand.}}

“want some?”

“is it green?”

“uhhh, not sure. it’s just gum.”

“yeah, but is the actual color of the gum green?”

{{pulls gum out of mouth to check; now the awful green smell is on her fingers!}}

“yeah, it’s green alright.”

“no thanks then.”

“why? what’s wrong with green gum?”

“i can’t stand the smell.”

“oh . . . ”

{{for the next year, this friend makes it a point to chew green gum around me every chance she gets.}}

it’s been this way my whole life.

i don’t care how sweet i say it, or how serious my face is or if i’m on the verge of tears, people find it amusing to test me in this.

&& this is why i no longer advertise my despise for green-mouth-related items. i don’t want to give any unnecessary ammo to the enemy.

so let’s pull a men-in-black && pretend this story never happened. i can see it now… i’ll have nightmares tonight that i’m locked in a room with green gum chewers without any air ventilation, or i’m drowning in a pool of green mouth wash.

definitely sleeping with the light on tonight . . .

One thought on “I hate green gum.

  1. Well, spearmint is my favorite, but I will enjoy it not around you. And I will not be surprised if when you are pregnant someday you all of a sudden start craving green gum. 🙂

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