divine moments.

they happen daily. i rarely notice them. i’m too busy; plain & simple.

i’m a planner. i make lists. i can tell you what’s next.

a few years ago, i was a senior in college. it had been a huge leap; jump; across the grand canyon in the difference between my junior year and my senior year.

so here i was. in my sociology immigration class. the professor a high-energy runner who knew everything and anything there was to know about immigration.

being the awesome professsor she was, we were asked to get in groups. it was the first day of class. she was going with the typical “ice-breaker” group game. i wanted to die.

just teach me about immigration, lady. i’m not here to make friends. in fact, that’s the last thing i’m here for.

uhhhhhhgggggg. i turn my heavy, ackward desk inward, as to face to two girls sitting beside me.

i’m not sure who started the conversation, or what was even said. all i know is that minor, almost annoying ice breaker, sparked what was going to be two friendships i would cherish for the rest of my life.

looking back, i laugh at how much i hated that first day of my senior year. it was a hard transistion and i didn’t know what i was doing. but God did. he planned it all. he laughed at my plan:

1. immigration class

2. back to the house > nap

3. lunch > alone at house

4. theory class

5. gym

6. sleep

those two girls were fellow seekers. we soon became sisters-in-christ, and we journeyed through what would be one of the hardest, most uncomfortable years of my entire life.

but boy oh boy did God provide. i’ll never ever forget that divine moment. i will never ever try to take the stinkin credit for it either. trust me, i had a totally different plan . . . {see above, remember?}

so last night was another divine moment, brought to you by the king of all kings. in a moment of selfishness and clueness, i wanted what i wanted. instead, God put two women in my path.

still not sure why. still not sure what will happen next, but the beauty of this divine moment was how God knows exactly what a person needs when they need it.

today i’m encouraged by moments that have eternal purpose.

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