grandpa john, the kindest man.



It’s a rare trait. i sometimes think i don’t possess such a trait, at.all.


one man that did is my grandfather, john. he’s been in my life since day one. all i have ever known. he was different. a very different man.


my grandmother, ruthie, a very outgoing woman, and john, soft spoken and just – plain – kind.


i will miss him very much. john passed away on january 2, 2012, in the comfort of his home, with the love of his life, ruthie.


i will always remember his kind spirit && his ability to hold a genuine conversation with anyone – everyone – he met. he was a true man of God && is soaking up all of God’s goodness & glory in a place free from pain, from cancer, from tears, now & forever.


if i was half as kind as grandpa john, jesus could do wonders with me on this earth. new resolution for 2012? how about new resolution for life. take time to be kind, to appreciate each&every family member i have & to use jesus as my example, just like grandpa john did daily.


that’s me & grandpa john.