arms wide open.

i have done it.

it’s official. i will be running . . . racing . . . in my fourth half marathon in april.


it’s also official that these “running-slumps” i read about on blogs are true-real-life-stuff.


my last race was on december 3, 2011. i have been in a running slump ever since.


i could write about all my goals, but rather, i’ll spare you empty promises and goals that are unachievable.


rather, i’ll write what i will do. undoubtedly. && that is do everything i don’t feel like doing.


i’m not just talking about running, either. i mean all that stuff. all that stuff that bogs my down, but shouldn’t. totally shouldn’t, but i let it.


ok, i’m waking up tomorrow and doing the opposite of what i feel like doing. like getting up right when my alarm goes off. i set it for that time for a reason, right? i feel like night-etley and morning-etley have totally different agendas. they need to start getting on the same page, or i’m gonna slap em’ both!


do you have any fantastic goals? do they include slapping yourself? 😉 hope not!