getting slapped.

today i was slapped in the face. the moment it happened, all i could think about was “eight-year-old-etley.”

maybe it was because i was the only girl, or because i was daddy’s little girl, or because my big brother was so-stinkin-sweet, but i sure got away with a lot growing up.

when i look back at home videos of me, all i can see is bossy.

over the years, after i found jesus, and after many slaps in the face, i matured and realized that my bossy behavior was oozing entitlement & it just was no longer appropriate.

every now & then (not as often as i would hope) i get slapped again.

it’s a huge wake up call that

1. you don’t always get your way

2. & just because other people (dad/brother/mom/dog) put up with your flaws, doesn’t mean they are acceptable or appropriate.

what a great lesson. it’s a pleasure & blessing to be around people who love you enough to set you straight when you are being ridiculous. it shows the mercy that you can only learn from one true & humble example, Christ.

it’s a beautiful thing & i’m choosing to look at it that way. do i want to cry? of course.

do i want to change? absolutely.

so here goes nothing . . . out with the old “eight-year-old-etley” in with the “adult-humble-etley.”

ps. i wasn’t literally “slapped.”

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