lately i have been in the stage of preparation.

well, let me rephrase that. i have been in the preparation stage for quite some time now, but it has been much more obvious to me recently.

so today i was driving & boom, outta nowhere, God starts talking to me. it’s almost like i pray out loud but the words aren’t mine; they’re His.

it was some good stuff too! i scrambled for my phone, opened up the voice memo app and recorded it all.

below is what God taught me today. i’ve had the privilege to speak to a bunch of beautiful, inspiring women the past couple of months about their spiritual life, their day-to-day life & everything in between. one common thread remains – we are all single gals. single & looking, waiting, praying.

so it doesn’t surprise me in the least that God would pick today to holler at me about such a topic.

here goes nothing:

“so sometimes i think that God is taking forever to bring somebody into my life. recently i have been sharing my “single” testimony with some girls that haven’t heard it yet. & in that testimony i say ‘maybe God’s preparing me for something, and so it’s not time yet.’

it just hit me – i should be praying for my future husband way more. and not praying that he comes into my life, but that God is able to work in his life. because honestly, He’s not bringing us together until we’re ready – until He sees fit.

if we’re not actively trying to pursue God and to prune our lives from the things that are detrimental and that are just keeping us farther from God, then He’s not going to bring somebody into that part of our lives that needs fixin’, i guess 🙂

so, i know for me, there’s a lot of pruning that needs to happen – a lot of thorns that are still in my life that are hindering me from just completely loving God and surrendering everything to Him.

and so with that, it’s like, why would i bring a person into that? you know? and not that God doesn’t do that, but i just know that for me i can definitely feel that God is preparing me and it’s just not time yet.

it could be that He’s preparing me, and i’m not ready, or my future husband’s not ready.

so, i just want to be more intentional! and be just praying for him! and not like “God, bring him into my life so I can have a companion!” because obviously, i want a companion.

i wanna do life together – i just want to live with somebody & just honor God with my life, with somebody.

but if i can’t honor God alone, how in the world am i supposed to just all of a sudden live for Him, with somebody?

so . . .  that’s that.

i’ve just really been convicted that i should be praying for my future husband. and really focusing on the thorns in my life that i need to just prune. i need to just let it go. i need to let things go; give them up to God and watch Him do what He does best –  and that is bring glory to Himself. and really just highlight how awesome and powerful He really is!

here we go!