the surprise hunt.

yesterday was a hard day. i woke up at 2 am and tried to assemble myself in an orderly fashion to take my best friend & her family to the airport. as we arrived at Reagan National, i looked at tracy, said what i needed to say & handed her a gift. she reached into her bookbag, said what she needed to say & handed me a gift. quick hug & then i said:

alright, let’s get our game faces on, it’s time to move y’all to honduras!

it hit me on the drive home. all the emotion i had been denying, holding in, for over six months. i tried to go back to sleep when i got home, but so many thoughts ran through my head.

i went into work late, and when i arrived, my office was filled with encouraging notes from co-workers and even tracy had slipped some sticky note love in hidden places throughout my office. it was so sweet.

in the afternoon, three of my favorite people knocked on my office door and handed me this: IMG_7938

inside the envelope said this:


immediately i guessed the spot they were referring to – my picture-taking spot.


after i read the second clue, holly immediately turns on Beauty & A Beat (JBeibs) & we dance to the next clue location: the auditorium.


up on stage . . . reading the next gem of a clue.


they want me to sing!?! here is the song choice . . .


not having a tune or melody to reference was kinda difficult, but they loved me through my ridiculous song & it was hilarious.

the final stop was where they really got me crying . . .


the letter attached read:


tears were many. these beautiful ladies mean so much to me. ::sigh:: just when you think your day is awful, boom, out of no where you get to go on a surprise scavenger hunt.IMG_7937

{valentina, carebear, me & hols}



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  1. I cried just to read about the Awesome love you all share. Everyone deserves friends that great. You are Blessed.

  2. Beautiful friends, beautiful gift….. your beauty radiates and is returned in the friends you keep and the people you love. Such a lovely post

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