‘gram galore: christmas 2012

let the ‘grammin begin! this a series where i share snip-its from my daily life as display on good ol’  instagram. the following are photos from my christmas break . . .

IMG_7152hallway photoshoot with carebear.


{valentina, me, brookie & carebear}

christmas is a working holiday when you work at a church. luckily, i get to spend my days with these precious people.


{sarah, me & ann}


mom & pops made it to service. lovely. ❤IMG_7225

taking a break in the volunteer green room. it’s where da food’s at!

{hols & me}


next stop: williamsburg, va to visit the bff’s fam. it’s funny, no one ever really wants to play the wii until christmas. played a few hours of bowling. #strikequeenIMG_7248

morning workout: just dance with two precious, adorable twin boys. #onesiesIMG_7289

spontaneous afternoon stroll through colonial williamsburg. IMG_7264 IMG_7266



exhausted but extremely thankful for this friend.

{tracy & me}IMG_7306

christmas morning my dad surprised me with horses! not really – they belong to the neighbors, but i pretended. fed them practically an entire box of cheerios. IMG_7321

richard is home!! big brother lives in missouri & i get to see him a couple times a year. #excited


stuffed a secret note to myself in my stocking last christmas & i found it!IMG_7320

my family knows me so well. i want food for christmas. just food.IMG_7328

beautiful scarf from shedoesjustice. gift to myself. 🙂IMG_7351

heading to grandma’s house as a hippie. #withastacheIMG_7398

discovered grandma not only went to high school with shirley maclaine (beaty), but she thought my grandma was a swell gal!IMG_7449

ran ten miles with the energizer bunny. #trainingIMG_7487

went to brunch with the fam at captain’s table. good ol’ home-cooked grub! #pancakefanaticIMG_7511

random is normal with my brother. who’s on first?IMG_7514

snuggles with my frankie-boy.IMG_7528

lunch with the fam at rod-n-reel. it was amazingggggg. sweet potato fries 🙂IMG_7538

toured around the area. i love this boardwalk.IMG_7536

{dad, jess, richard & aileen}IMG_7559

i ran a ridiculous amount of miles in 2012! my goal for 2013: 450 miles.IMG_7609

ahna threw a marvelous nye’s party.IMG_7573

{ahna, jackie & me}IMG_7611

some of da girlsIMG_7608

yay for 2013!! #newyeargoodness

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