etley apps.

welcome to my most used apps on my iphone4s.


one. safari: google searches daily & this browser works like a charm.

two. youtube: for all my vlogging needs. plus i love to look up videos quick!

three. youversion bible: currently i’m doing two daily devos: shereadstruth & made-to-crave. i can do my devo anywhere & at any time with it right at my finger tips. i love being able to look up all the different translations of a verse too! so convenient.

four. google maps: i fully rely of google maps, whether to get an accurate eta of a place i frequently go, to decide the best route to take or to journey to a brand-new location. it’s fabulous & has presented me the opportunity to finally sell my big ol’ fashioned garmin gps – which always needs me to update maps. ain’t nobody got time for that.

five. feedlerRSS: i’m a rookie blogger who loves to read. especially other blogs. this feed puts all my favs in one spot & i read all the blogs i want just by a few clicks. it’s a one-stop reading spot.

six. notes: i’m constantly typing my thoughts out. whether it’s a funny thing a friend says or my grocery list, notes has to be at my finger tips at all times.

seven. pandora: silence is deadly in my mind so i have music playing always. some of my go-to stations are “stevie wonder” // “rod stewart” // “mat kearney” // “kim walker-smith”

eight. camera+: this has some of my favorite filters – especially when i take outdoor pics. it brings colors to life. it’s easy & it’s got some variety.

nine. flipboard: all my social media needs fall into my flipboard. it’s an easy & efficient way to manage all those social butterflies that need taming.

ten. wordpress: my bloggy blog is hosted for free at wordpress. i’m able to get a quick snapshot of all the behind-the-scenes of my blog & read other wordpress blogs in one spot. it’s marvelous.

eleven. photos: this holds thousands of my pics & vids. i like to look back & smile at fun things – but i take so many dang pics that i frequently have to download them on my computer to make more room.

twelve. music: yep, silence is deadly.

thirteen. facebook: oh my love-hate relationship with this gem. it’s at my finger tips, but it’s at my finger tips – if you know what i’m saying.

fourteen. messages: duh.

fifteen. instagram: where i spend most of my clicking energy.

sixteen. twitter: was an avid tweeter until people i actually know in real life starting following me 😉

seventeen. camera: duh.

eighteen. phone: i never call anyone. not sure why i have this app.

nineteen. mail: all my lovely junk mail, in one lovely place.

twenty. clock: this signifies my need to awaken at the correct time.

what are some of your favorite apps? share, share, share!

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