get to know etley.

i miss myspace. but wait, before you judge me, you have be honest with me & yourself.

i get home from school. log into AIM. log into myspace. turn on some napster tunes. open microsoft word. open up my english binder & book.

start up chats with all available friends on AIM. scroll through the bulletin board on myspace. find a survey. copy. paste. start filling out that bad boy.

mom walks up behind me. rapidly click on the microsoft word tab, type away, as if writing my english paper. she’s satisfied. she walks away.

minimize microsoft word. continue chatting & filling out myspace survey. the world is right again.

so, here i am. an adult. i think i still have a myspace account, although i haven’t signed on in years. & right now, in this moment, i want to fill out a survey. a “get-to-know-me” survey.

but first, a few life updates, to set the mood:

a. i currently have a cold. the kind with the relentless deep echo-ey kinda cough. my brain is competing with the ever-so-popular sinus pressure & i just want to nap my life away.

b. i’m going to cali in five days. running a half marathon with half my family. it’s gonna be sweet. & flat.

c. i have barely trained for this half marathon.

sweet, here we go:

a] age: twentyfive.
b] bed size: twin. yes, you read that correctly. never, ever owned a bigger bed.

c] chore that you hate: laundry. i don’t like dirty clothes & i don’t like clean clothes. i just have too many clothes & i can’t keep up. i need to give away my clothes.
d] dogs: noodles. commonly called noodlepie. german shepherd labrador mix. him’s black & beautiful & kid-like. he’s going on thirteen years old. i love him.
e] essential start to your day: some sort of outdoor excursion. whether it’s a quick run out, run in to check the temp, going for a run, playing with pup, taking a few pics or simply drinking tea & reading – i always go outside first thing in the morn.
f] favorite color: blue.
g] gold or silver: silver.
h] height: 5’9″
i] instruments you play: does 4th-6th grade violin count? bc i rocked out to the violin. i can also play a little piano, but my favorite “instrument” is my voice. i love to sing!
j] job title: executive assistant at chesapeake church.
k] kids: one day.
l] live: southern maryland.
m] mother’s name: jeannie
n] nicknames: girl, etley, leash, aleash, leashy, fra-leasha, bates, kalisha, cross

o] overnight hospital stays: nope!
p] pet peeve: using the shoulder of the road as your personal merge lane & expecting me to let you in, the sound of chewing, driving behind a smoker on a beautiful day when my windows are down.
q] quote from a movie: “yes, i’ve heard of shakespeare. he was a famous pirate.”
r] right or left handed: right.
s] siblings: an older brother & a younger step-sister.

t] time you wake up: a little before 7am.
u] unique:  i love editing print & written pieces.

v] vegetable you hate: are pickles a vegetable? hate em’! that & mushrooms, asparagus, olives, brussels sprouts & eggplant.

w] where will you be in five years: thirty – whoa – probs in maryland – probs working at the church – probs still running & soaking up the beach as much as possible.
x] x-plain your most favorite passion: my passion is to run towards the plan God has. however he fits me into his plan, i wanna be ok with it, i wanna promote it, i wanna live it. my passion is to be selfless in that way.
y] yummy food that you make: quinoa salad, regular salad, turkey sweet potato burgers, ohhhh & chicken & cheese biscuits.
z] zoo animal: MONKEYS.

the end. back to being an adult. thanks for reading. if you blog, do this!! & tell me so i can read it.

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  1. Love it! And it’s nice to know you finally “came clean” about your homework practices! LOL

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