california in january.

you know how when you’re in the check-out line at the grocery store & you grab a pack of gum because a) you’re out & b) you like gum? it can be a really super spontaneous move, right?

well, that is exactly how i would describe my recent trek out to california. my cousin told me about a half marathon in cali & that’s really all i needed to hear. over thinking is overrated.

so out to cali i went. in january. first things first was leaving the maryland snow. that was the easy part.


or so i thought. the white stuff caused a delay which subsequently caused me to miss my connection in philly. have you ever had to run through the airport to catch a flight? i never i thought i would be that person, but i certainly was. i started out with the half-committed jaunt through the massive hallways of the philly airport. soon i realized i was only at gate 15 and i needed to be at gate 45 in ten minutes. this is when my half-committed jaunt turned into a determined sprint. there was no in-between.

ps by the way, i was carrying a bookbag, a rolly-suitcase & my purse. what a mess.

i was able to get a two-mile run in though – which is always a plus when training for a half marathon.


palm trees + blue skies + 70 degree weather = san diego


my journey began with a fun adventure on antique row. i love thrift & antique shops & san diego has as entire row of these gems. this yellow-door shop was by far my favorite vintage shop.


the next morning i grabbed a mocha & this is when the sadness hit. it rains in california. this i thought was not possible.


lunch was fish tacos. the best dang fish tacos i’ve ever had.


a little chesapeake bay shout out!


saturday morning – went looking for some yard sales – because a californians junk is a marylanders treasure.


i bought one book for a quarter & then the beach was found. success!


the fam bam.


next stop was marston house.


took a tour of the house with a very enthusiastic & knowledgable tour guide named ena. the marston family was quite important in the preservation of san diego. i love history.


IMG_8509 IMG_8507 IMG_8544




the next day was race day. i’ll soon have an update on all the highlights from the race. but for now, a few views from the route.



it’s normal to climb roofs after running 13.1 miles. 



this is a ridiculously beautiful place & made for a great start to the year.

IMG_8393looking forward to returning with friends. there are so many things i wanna see, do, explore in cali.


but for now, it’s back to snow & winter & work & friends & the bay. it’s not so bad.

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  1. This looks so beautiful!! Can’t wait to hear more about the race. And the yard sales, so intrigued by the yard sales.

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