operation what?

i’m starting a new project. it’s called operation honest driver’s license. read all the nitty gritty details here.

it’s tuesday. it’s day one.

rather than boring a person with the in’s & out’s of everything i consumed today – let’s just start with the basics.

my weight.

ughhhh as much as i wish this wasn’t about weight, it’s everything about weight & nothing about weight all at the same time.

this is confusing, yet so clear to me. i will try my best to make sense of all of it here, in writing.

i took a pic today of my current weight. it’s just a number, it’s just a number, it’s just a number.


there is nothing fancy about my toes – i’d say there will be days over the next 94 that they will not be perfect & quite possibly not painted. this is real life for etley. love me through it, please.

this scale is about 45 years old – – don’t judge it. she gets the job done – the dirty, dirty work. i don’t need to look at her long. she speaks her red-number truth & then i jump off. i’m on a budget & buying a new, fancy scale just didn’t make the cut this month.

that’s a big ol’ one.nine.two.


it’s my starting point. operation honest driver’s license is all about hope & focus & pain & victory & truth & i wouldn’t want it any other way.

here we go!

12 thoughts on “operation what?

  1. You’ve already done the hardest part . . . setting the goal in your mind. You will do it! Prayers of encouragement coming your way.

  2. Don’t need to know “who” you used as your stand in. No way is that your weight because you look so gorgeous and healthy! I wanna join you in this operation!

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