half marathon #6.

flying out to cali just for a half marathon is crazy. i do agree with most of you.

but wouldn’t you agree that flying out to cali for a half marathon you haven’t trained for is a little bit more crazy?


so that’s what i did.

why didn’t i train?

lazy. just plain lazy. this is half marathon number 6 for me, so the question of whether i could do it or not never crossed my mind.

i knew my body could complete 13.1 miles. would i break any pr’s? nope. but that wasn’t why i signed up for it to begin with.

i’ve always wanted to race in perfect weather with a beautiful, flat route – & that is exactly what i experienced in good ol’ san diego. ((except there were def hills – – but whatever))


my cousins: jillybean, heathbar & haley







IMG_8548IMG_8519did NOT want to mess this one up.


IMG_8345& we are done!

overall, this was one of the most well-organized, well-spectated, well-run races i have ever run.

from parking, to the wave start, to the spectators, to the abundance of porta-potties, to the water stations, to the first aid cyclists, to the beautiful route, to the finish line, i was just amazed.

i took my dear-sweet-untrained-legs time during the run. i stopped to take pictures & videos. it was just so dang beautiful.

the rain held off & stayed overcast the entire race. everyone should run a race along the pacific ocean. i soaked in every moment.


to celebrate #6 being done, i had my first in&out burger. anything tastes good after 13.1 miles, but this had an extra special amount of calories that made my belly smile.




my after-race rituals are pretty standard – no matter where i am. i change outta my running clothes, get a shower & pass out.

after the race, my aunt michelle caught me napping up on the roof of the garage. the sun had finally come out, & rather than sleeping the afternoon away inside, i took an outdoor nap. it was the best.nap.ever.

here’s to #6. i def don’t recommend racing without training. my foot swelled up nasty the next day (it’s better now) although i’m quite certain my lack of training had nothing to do with my foot.

the human body is amazing & the amount of abuse it will endure baffles me.

i promise to train for #7.

4 thoughts on “half marathon #6.

  1. Well even though you didn’t train at least you got some beautiful photos, got to go to Cali, eat an In & Out burger, and make a memory! I signed up for 90 mile bike race once for charity and didn’t train…not the smartest idea seeing as how I am not a biker, bought a bike on craigslist a couple weeks before, only made it 40 miles in the ride until I couldn’t move my legs anymore, then took a bus to the finish line and enjoyed the free beer and food! It was a great memory for a good cause though!

  2. Oh my word! I was just in San Diego last summer and it is sooooo beautiful! I think that is awesome that you spontaneously ran this half marathon…..maybe not smart, but still awesome 😉 In-n-Out burger is waaaay amazing!


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