valentine’s day.


what a lovely, ordinary day february 14th is for a single gal.

no expectations. none whatsoever. it’s a beautifully freeing holiday. some people look at it as sad when they’re single, but not i.

no, i’m choosing to look at vday for what it really is, which is day to brag about your love, & that’s exactly what i’m gonna do.

my day was spent with my co-workers (whom i love!) & then after work a few of us (whom i love!) went to my friend’s house where she cooked up delicious eggplant parmesan! – (which i now love!)

it was my first experience eating eggplant. the cook promised it would taste like chicken.

it didn’t but it was still delicious.

happy valentine’s to you & yours!

yes, i’m a day late & a dollar short – but i like to celebrate love daily, not when the media tells me to! & i was just really busy yesterday being loved!

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