my new house – a tour

i knew i was going to buy a house this year. it was inevitable. i just didn’t realize it would take two days to find my house & one month to buy it.

but that’s exactly how it happened.

unlike a majority of the houses i saw before i found ‘the one’ – my house is practically move-in ready. i’m choosing to do some demo of walls & such before i officially move in – to enhance it a bit.

also, i need to paint.

before i give you a little tour of the place, here are some fun facts:

it was 7th house i saw on day two of house hunting.

i’m 100 steps from the beach. that’s a 3 minute walk or a 1 minute run.

it has three bedrooms.

one bathroom.

the first thing i did in my new house was eat panera on the floor in the sunshine.

i was able to work with one the best realtors, home inspectors & loan officers – all personal friends!

people were praying since day one of the house hunting process.

i’m ten minutes away from my childhood home.

six different keys were given to me at settlement & i haven’t figured out what they open yet.

i signed 65 pieces of paper during this process.

okay, here we go! let’s start with the interior house tour:

living room














i started wall demo yesterday & i can’t wait to show the final product.

i’ve decided buying a home is a lot like the first day of 6th grade. you’ve been preparing for the day your whole life – you’ve heard so many things about it – yet you don’t know what to expect – you hope people will help you along the way – you surprise yourself with your innate ability to work the lock on the locker –  you’re excited, yet extremely nauseous.

that’s how this feels.

please note: if you’re like me, and you know nothing about home construction, please consult a home inspector or carpenter before tearing down walls. this is the first thing i did before the hammer hit the wall. the kitchen walls are not load-bearing so i have already gone to town on them (yay! free therapy!!) the living room wall IS load-bearing. that means i’m keeping the header at the top, all the way across, with a support beam at the end of the wall. if this is all very foreign to you, fear not, it’s gonna look fabulous & when it’s done, i’ll show you 🙂


i’m so thankful for you reading & following along in this huge life step. i’ll be updating with the home remodel & decorating as i go along. stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “my new house – a tour

  1. Congrats on your new home! It’s beautiful but I can’t wait to see how you put your personal stamp on it. 100 steps to the beach?! How fabulous! Enjoy!

  2. This is so great. CONGRATULATIONS Alicia! I have a beautiful daybed that belonged to a beautiful little girl (mine) that I think would look beautiful in your guestroom. You know how special it is to me . . . and I couldn’t think of a better person to have it.

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