tearing down walls.

one week into home-owning & i’ve got sore arms & a cough from inhaling drywall dust.

but, i also have three walls down!

if i’m going to hammer a wall for hours on end – i’m going to put some purpose behind the destruction.

admittedly, i have lots of junk in my heart that i don’t necessarily struggle with daily – but it does take up space in my heart & my mind.

recently, my girlfriends & i have thrown around ideas to release some of our stress/anger/sadness. holly came up with the idea of throwing eggs at trees in the woods, which i immediately pictured skunks & racoons attacking us. that idea was shot down quickly.

i knew my living room wall had to go – annddd i had already written on it (whoops)


so, why not write down all the things we want to give up to God; all the things we are tired of dealing with; all the things that are holding us back from living a full life . . . & then smash the crap out of it!

i called in the experts. also known as my frans.

IMG_1172 copy

at first, it was hard to think of things to write. you start debating if you really want to give that up, or questioning – “is that really even that bad?”


but soon, we were on a roll. a sharpie-writing-on-the-wall roll!




those are some STRONG women. i tell you what. twenty-something years of life brings a bunch of pain/heartache/happiness/joy. it’s a roller coaster.

when we had finally marked all the white space with black words, we sat down & each read a section of the wall out loud. whoa.

that was hard. we’ve each known each for different amounts of time & we would claim to be really good friends.

what i learned from this night was that your past doesn’t define you. you don’t need to know all the details of someone’s life to love them & be a good friend to them. at the same time, it was eye-opening to see how powerful Christ is. He’s brought all of us out so much junk & into His beautiful grace; His free grace.

then came the fun part. it was loud. it was exciting. it was hard. but the end result was beautiful.


i encourage free therapy, like bashing walls, to everyone i know – to everyone reading this.

problems didn’t magically fade away that night. that wasn’t the point. it was to show the power of Christ – His beautiful design of relationship & friendship & freedom & new beginnings.

we are in this together.

“greater love has no one than this, that He lay down His life for His friends.” John 15:13

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  1. I wish I could have left some “past” there, but now I have a great idea for when we tear down some walls in our house in the near future. Thanks! Also know a great demolition team! How much will you charge?

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