three years.


well happy work anniversary . . . to me!

yep, three solid years at this place.

it was march 1, 2010, when i made the leap into full-time ministry.

it’s a memory still fresh in my mind.

an eager, determined 22 year old. a sociology major who, when asked what she can actually do with her sociology degree, answered “anything with people – because it’s the study of people!”

i was am a sociology nerd, but it’s definitely my true passion. people – listening, watching, learning, talking, laughing, planning, celebrating.

so, spending the past three years with people – listening, watching, learning, talking, laughing, planning, celebrating – in ministry has grown me the most. ever. in my entire life. more than any other experience.

i was gonna be a teacher. i was gonna rock the teacher world. but god had his plan & he put it into action.

i’m baffled & blessed at how much has happened the past three years. like my boss/mentor/friend said today, “from an intern to an executive assistant.”

that’s quite a leap. a leap that i didn’t expect, i didn’t envision, i didn’t think i would ever want.

i’ve made ((future bridesmaids – for the rest of your life – sisters in christ – future kid play-date – future hubby’s will be best friends – scrapbooking club)) BEST FRIENDS during these years.

god has made me more mature; more sensitive to the needs of others. he has taught me the art of communicating – after 22 years of failing at it 🙂 . he has shown me grace & freedom from junk. it’s definitely been a life-changing three years.

& i get to edit – like everyday. have i ever expressed how much i love to edit? it’s like a breath of fresh air. i love it.

my coworker & friend puna blogged my first day on the job back in 2010. she makes me smile. you should go read her post – it’s full of silly pictures from that first day! read it HERE.

here’s to the next three years.

tonight my question is this: “am i following god? or am i asking god to follow me?”

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  1. Great post and congratulations on 3 years! just wanted to thank you for that final thought as someone waiting and trusting in God right now it really helped to make me stop and check that really is what I’m doing!

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