seventeen things i love about daylight.

guess what glorious thing happens in a little over two days!?!


i’m a different person when the sun shines from 5 am to 9 pm. i’m a happier person, i’d say.

seventeen things i’m looking forward to most:


little bunnies hopping around work – looking the cutest. ever.


chowing down on lots of fresh snacks, poolside.


talking about life, dreams, memories in the pool with my walker sisters. IMG_2622

kayaking on windy, rough days & getting seasick. or just kayaking.


taking my noodlepie on car rides – windows down, music blasting.IMG_2644

going on puppy playdates.


catching the sunset every night.IMG_2884

going for runs after work.IMG_2955

spending as much time, in public, on dry land, in my riverrat floaty as possible.IMG_3705

eating lunch on the pier.IMG_3034

going for boat rides.IMG_3080

bonfires & scary stories. very. scary. stories.


more kayaking.IMG_3229

jetskiing, maybe even solo!IMG_3298

finding turtles exploring your drive way – posing for a few pics.IMG_3304

morning devos & bfast on the deck.IMG_3349

brio happy hours. IMG_3357

friday night farmer’s market.IMG_3445

running everyday with friends & kidnapping babies.

IMG_3797 eating lunch everyday on the patio at work.  IMG_3880

jamming out & cutting the grass.IMG_3881

barefoot tractor riding.IMG_3889

staring at the sand for hours at the beach.IMG_3954

daydreaming in the grass.


watching dem o’s!IMG_4141

baseball games in general. IMG_4224

having rough 90 degree runs, but remembering that even a rough run is better than eating chips!IMG_4323

making real life snapchat faces. all the time.IMG_4283


hiking every chance i get.


catching the sunrise every morning.


being so busy & high on sunshine that i forget to eat! & when i do actually eat, i pick the most light, fresh food as possible.

what’s got you excited this march 10th at 2am?

is it daylight saving time?

is it the 60 degree weather maryland is gonna have?

do tell.

3 thoughts on “seventeen things i love about daylight.

  1. Mom, you are too right! I love the bunnies, and the pointed toes in the deck devo pic, and the baby stealing, and and…..But now we are 2 hours apart instead of just one, and for some reason that makes me sad.

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