i forgot a title.

it’s been a week since my sweet little harry-boy passed away. pets passing away is definitely difficult. i’ve had harry since i was 5. got him as my 5th birthday present. i named him & everything. he’s been through every milestone of my last twenty years. & yes, he was just two weeks short of his 21st birthday. luckily he wasn’t much of a party-er.

me and harry

no more sad talk. moving right along.

i have a few other updates in my life:

a. i’m one month away from the nike women’s half marathon. whatttt. i’ll be strolling around washington, dc, with thousands of other beautiful women, focusing on that finish line. guess what we get at the finish line? a tiffany’s bracelet – which i’m sure you guessed. ok ok OK i’m not much of a jewelery girl, but dangit, if i run for 2 hours, i’ll take a bracelet, a necklace & a ring.

b. house renovations are moving along swimmingly. it’s been exciting – overwhelming – draining. i like it though. i’m learning a lot. here’s a little sneak peek at the progress.


wall be gone!

c. well don’t you know, it snowed yesterday. on march 25. i’m over it & thankfully the snow has already disappeared. to celebrate, i went for a glorious run today.


gotta admit – it was kinda pretty.

thanks for reading.