eating vegan for a week.

so, here i am. telling you everything i ate for a week. so exciting.

no, but wait, it IS exciting. last monday i decided to get on the boat of healthy eating. i wanted to cut out the usual crap i eat when i’m stressed. so, for me, vegan is the way i went. the road i chose.

so i went grocery shopping & started my seven day journey on tuesday. i started with a mini goal. seven days. anyone can do anything for seven straight days, right?

a typical breakfast:

a smoothie with fruits & veggies.

grapefruit, orange, kale, banana, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, lemon, celery, cucumber & coconut water – – – these don’t all get mixed together – don’t worry.

photo 1

so excited about my morning-commute smoothie . . . ps, it’s so heavy my fingers are turning white from gripping so hard. crazy.

photo 1(1)

a typical lunch:

a salad & soup & piece of bread

spinach, carrots, sundried tomatoes, walnuts, avocado, peach balsamic vinegar

tomato soup out of a can – fancy

bread – ezekiel brand (it’s all sorts of healthy – has to stay frozen, etc.)

photo 2

a typical snack:

apple, larabar, almonds

photo 2(1)

a typical dinner:

carrots & cucumbers

ok ok ok i KNOW my dinners were lame. like seriously lame.

so here’s the deal. i went super simple during this first week. it was a major detox period & i just wanted to accomplish something. i didn’t get fancy with recipes & pinterest & all that.

did i succeed? well, it was easter weekend. i pushed through a ton of temptation, but when it came to easter dinner, i caved.

i hopped right back on the vegan train monday morning though . . . until lunch. there was mexican food involved & cheese & i really don’t wanna talk about it.

monday night dinner was a fail as well.

ok, so i ate vegan from tuesday – sunday. that’s 6 days!

how did i feel? the weekend sucked. i felt awful. my body was screaming with discomfort, but this is what happens when you shock the body with goodness. no warning. no pre-gaming. just threw myself right into the deep end.

so now what? well, my next goal is to do another 6 days. start tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “eating vegan for a week.

  1. how do you feel overall – other than the detox symptoms?! what do you miss or crave the most? usually the 3-5 days are the worst so get back in the saddle and try it again, the key is to be gentle with yourself 🙂 good for you, 6 days is a lot!!! i’m here for support! 🙂

  2. audrey – – i’m feeling great. i went through a miserable 3-5 days but now my body is adjusting. i’m craving junk – fast food. thanks for stopping by! i love the support 🙂

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