three months.

i’m an anniversary-kinda girl. i like to celebrate time & how it passes. i love memories & reminiscing.

yesterday i looked at the calendar & realized tracy, my bff, has been in honduras for three months!

i’d be lying if i said it’s been easy. i’d also be lying if i said this post will be about how much i miss her. bc although that’s obvious, i don’t think many people want to read about how i wanna watch curious george over & over & over again.

we have been keeping in touch as best as we can. we talk everyday about random things like waterparks & vitamix recipes & all the ridiculously hard things God is teaching us.

i’m thankful for these super random chats. bc let’s face it – she originally was going to move to a part of honduras with NO ELECTRICITY. can you imagine? of course my own selfishness kicks in & i think of how horrible that would be . . . for ME. i wouldn’t get to talk to my best friend . . . like EVER. thankfully, that’s not where God was calling her & her family.

i just said thankfully. & i am thankful. but then of course you can’t help but think of the people that do live in that part of honduras – with no electricity – with no concept of snapchat, whatsapp, instagram, facebook, twitter, gmail, real housewives . . . but i digress.

so tracy & her fam are living it up in honduras. doing their thing. being obedient & following the call that God has put before them.

the other night tracy & i talked for over two hours on the phone. i still have yet to check if i was charged for that convo . . . whoops.

we talked about a lot of great things, updated each other on life & as we were ending the conversation, mainly bc my iphone was burning my face off from being so hot, i asked her,

what’s on the agenda for tonight?

she told me they had about 6 inches of water in their cistern, so it was looking like they would have to take sponge baths & then call it a night.

i looked on my bedroom floor & saw my pile of towels that always seem to accumulate by the end of the week. on top of the pile was a freshly damp towel. i had taken a shower before tracy called. in that moment i realized that my shower was at least twenty minutes long.

i thought of this face . . .


and this face . . .


i know they look like the same face, but they’re twins. different. completely different. but i can see why you’d think they are the same.

oh, & you can’t forget this face . . .


so, i’m thinking of these faces. of people i KNOW. of people i LOVE. of people i’ve changed their dirty diapers.

& i’m thinking about how they had to take a sponge bath. a SPONGE BATH. i can’t even wrap my head around a sponge bath. do you use soap? if you do, how is 6 inches of water gonna wash soap off three little bodies? when is tracy gonna shower? what about mark? don’t they get thirsty? how are they gonna brush their teeth?

these are the questions i ask. & yeah, they may be super naive. they may be extreme. they may sound ridiculous.

but i took a twenty minute shower & not ONCE thought i would run out of water. i drank at least 5 bottles of water that day. i washed my hands to my hearts content.

my head was heavy after tracy & i said our “goodbyes & see ya later’s!”

yes, my head was heavy.

i get so wrapped up in my life. in my luxuries. but never on purpose. i don’t think anyone wakes up in the morning thinking “i’m gonna be so focused on myself & my stuff today. that’s my goal.”

i think of these people i care about, sacrificing a nice, long bubble bath full of rubber duckies & squirt guns, for a gentle swipe from a barely soaked sponge.


i’m still trying to figure out all this stuff. three months ago tracy was in america, where water is plenty. where that was the least of her worries. where bath time was full of bubbles. & water. & splashing. & giggles.

& i get it. this a daily struggle for third-world countries. i know that. i guess it hits you harder when your best friend is experiencing it. & she’s not coming back to america anytime soon. now, the 6 inches of water in her cistern is the least of her worries. it’s crazy how the tide has turned. or did it? she never worried about water in america; now she’s got water to worry about, but she doesn’t. she doesn’t worry. she trusts. they all trust.

i hope this wasn’t a depressing post. it’s kinda making me sad writing it. but that’s mainly bc i’m still processing all this stuff. i’m empathetic. i can’t get on a plane tomorrow with buckets of water & take it to tracy. that’s just silly. & ridiculous. but would probably make for a great video of some sort.

but seriously, life in honduras is hard. tracy blogs about it all the time HERE. it’s a good read if you wanna see all the fun things the howard family does.

happy three months! here’s to maybe like six more? can we make it just six more, tracy? please.

there i go being selfish again . . .

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  1. Alicia, you are so good at putting it all in perspective! It thrills my heart that Tracy has you in her life and you have hers in yours. Great friends, great hearts!

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