new flooring.

usually i’m a big fan of google. for example, here are some recent googling phrases of mine:


i’m really into google, as you can see.

one thing i’m not really excited about googling is: “which way should i install my new flooring” “what direction should laminate flooring be installed” “how to properly install flooring”

i just don’t feel like it. i have already spent at least three hours googling the type of flooring i should buy.


one thing out of about 76 things i have learned about home-ownership is that it’s overwhelming! the decisions i have had to make on a daily basis about colors, placement, measuring, picking, choosing, buying, storing, delivering. it’s just craziness.

so, at this point, i’ve stalked a few of my favorite blogs & i finally landed on some beautiful, 99cents per square foot laminate flooring from home depot. it was a freeing decision. a leap of faith. i honestly didn’t know what it actually looked like in real life bc i did this major home purchase online. based off a little jpeg. living on the edge!

photo 5

check it out! my flooring & my new beach lounge. boom.

here’s where i need your help!

i’m done googling. i told you this like seven times already.

i need you to walk to your front door really quick. go on. oh wait; before you go, i gotta tell you your assignment. go to your front door, look down, and tell me the direction of your flooring.

for instance, when you walk in your front door, does your flooring look like this:

photo 1

i call this the “bowling alley” – meaning the laminate/wood is heading in the vertical direction as you walk in the front door.

the second option would be this:

photo 3

i call this the “roller skating rink” – meaning the laminate/wood is heading in the horizontal direction as you walk in the front door.

okay, so you know the assignment. go check your front door & let me know if your flooring is “bowling alley” style or “roller skating rink” style.

don’t hold back either. i know y’all have some beautiful homes with beautiful flooring & i honestly don’t know which look i like better, so i need your help!

photo 2

should i go with good ol’ “bowling alley” ^
photo 4or radical “roller skating rink” ^

i’ve seen it BOTH ways & i don’t think there is a right or wrong direction to install the flooring.

let me know!!

ps don’t you love the dark color!! i can’t wait for installation day!!

thanks for reading. thanks for commenting. thanks for walking to your front door.

14 thoughts on “new flooring.

  1. It’s even easier than that. The directions we had when we installed laminate the first time was to run the boards toward the sun coming into the room which is usually east/west. I think it has to do with how visible the seams are compared to the image on the laminate….the more you see the seams, the more you notice it’s laminate rather than true hardwood. Hope that helps. Uncle Dan

  2. Mine at the front door is “roller rink” . . . But I am with you, it’s your preference, it’s your beautiful new home!

  3. I’ve always heard it had something to do with which way the supporting beams run underneath it, that the flooring is supposed to go across them, as opposed to along them. I have no idea if that is valid, but there you go. P.S We have tile in our entryway.

  4. In our house, it’s bowling alley. But in our rental condo it’s roller rink. . . so maybe Lisa G. is onto something. Good luck!

  5. dan – – interesting! you’re the first person who has said this idea! makes sense! i’m going to look in my crawl space at the flooring joists to see which direction they go the opposite direction. hopefully your idea will line up!! thank you!

  6. I think the “skating rink” has a more welcoming look and feel as it flows forward into your home saying “enter”. Just way way I look at things 😉

  7. You could get really radical and make it diagonal. It’s supposed to make a room feel larger.

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