happy birthday earth.

ok, so we celebrated the birth of the earth yesterday. actually, i think that’s wrong – but i love birthdays so i’m going with it.

the birthday party began on sunday.

i spent a marvelous morning at church where i was reminded of this:

photo 1(3)

then hols & i headed to a local earth day festival. what an adorable little town event:

photo 2(3)

photo 1(4)

photo 2(4)

talked with the local vegetarian & vegan group – spilled my mocha all over their table display – snagged a business card – & bought these vegan treats!

photo 3

hols & i moseyed around the festival & took a pic with the checkers guy – – which probably goes against the whole vegetarian/vegan deal . . .


hit up every antique spot we could find.

had a nice dinner on the water.

caught this sunset.

photo 3(1)

i’d say the earth had a great birthday.

photo 2(2)

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