run. just do it.

sunday sunday sunday. the day of rest, yes?

nah. not this time. this time i was running the nike women’s half marathon! whoohoo!


my running junk. pretty self-explanatory. i ended up tossing the headband and sunglasses after mile 3. i should have guessed this would happen – i’ve always been a ‘less-is-more’ kinda runner, but i was optimistic i could try & look cute while i ran. that plan failed miserably.


i gawked at this building like the little tourist i am as we waited for the start of the race. i am positive important things happen in this building daily. it’s gorgeous.



at mile 12 moriah peters’ song ‘well done’ came blasting through my ear buds. perfect timing. the lyrics pushed me right to the finish line:

i’m gonna chase You, Lord
i’m gonna show the world Your love, whoa

i’ll run, i’ll run
i’m gonna run this race
to hear You say well done


& then i was done. my 7th half marathon in the bag. a tiffany’s bag, that is.

& yes — that’s my very first tiffany-esk jewelry hanging from my neck. fancy.

this was my all-time favorite race. nike knows how to bring a half marathon to town. it was so well-organized. i don’t think i’ll ever spend the dough to run it again (SO expensive) but i’m glad to say i ran the 1st nike women’s half marathon in washington, dc.

the route was amazing. the weather was divine. the other runners were SO encouraging & excited & fun. the spectators were hilarious. the music was upbeat. the day was just great.

it will be a while before i race again. i’m gonna take a break on a good note.

all these half marathons have honestly taken the fun out of running. i used to enjoy random runs after work. i miss them. i’m looking forward to the rest of spring being filled with spontaneous runs like that – – where my pace means nothing & the distance is always acceptable. i’m ready for a new season.

my next challenge is to conquer the yoga scene. i find yoga to be a form of torture . . . so it must be good for me.

may – the month of yoga . . . & drinking lots of store-bought coconut water!


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