living room reveal.

it’s been over two months since i became a homeowner. a fast two months at that. with the help of SO many beautiful people, i now have a house home. i seriously could not have done anything without the help of my little extended family and beyond. i’m eternally grateful.

if you missed my very first house tour, you can see it HERE.

if you missed some of the house demo, you can see it HERE.

so . . . you wanna see some of the progress?? of course you do!

remember this? this was day ONE of owning my house.

living room1

progress . . .


yep – the wall & carpet are GONE.


the floors are in & the ikea couch is assembled!


remember this maze of walls?


shoooooot!! can you believe the difference!? all those dang walls are GONE! gosh – i can just smell the nasty drywall dust now. it was hard, messy work but it’s so beautiful now!


who can forget this dungeon of a kitchen?


this is the viewpoint from me standing in the kitchen. not ready to reveal that bad boy quite yet!



of course, now comes the decorating. the expensive, fun stuff 🙂

thanks for reading & for helping me decide on my floors. in case you are wondering, i went with the roller skating rink direction for my flooring – – parallel to the floor joists.

source guide:

paint: moonshine by benjamin moore

couch: karlstad by ikea

flooring: trafficmaster laminate in kingston peak hickory from home depot

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  1. Great Job Alicia!
    I Loved it!!
    Can’t wait to see the rest of your house!

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