i hate comcast.


originally this was going to be a tutorial on how to successfully talk to a robot 17 times & still have the same end result: a house without access to the outside world.

alright y’all – i was going to rant about my hatred towards comcast bc a) it was the one thing on my mind b) i didn’t know what else to write about & c) it’s so easy to complain about technological problems.

i’ve spent the last two days trying to get sweet tv and glorious internet into my home. after talking to lydia, nancy, hakeem & joseph – i’m sitting here on my couch straight chillin on that 3G.

my last conversation with a comcast rep was with joseph. good ol’ joseph. within five minutes of explaining my sitch, joseph so desperately wanted to begone with the robot-comcast-script & talk to me human to human. he really was trying. i felt bad for him — he had to stay to the script, even when he helped me manually add channel 3 to my channel list & i yelled ‘JOSEPH!!! GOOD JOB BUDDY!! IT WORKED WHOO HOO!!’ he was completely caught off guard.

unfortnuately our conversation ended with the infamous technician appointment on a upcoming saturday between the hours of [whenever i feel like it] & [woman you can wait.]

i hung up the phone sad. defeated. all i want is to catch up on real house-wife gossip & watch an entire orioles game – start to finish; i want tv.

but tv is not what i got tonight.

in my frustration, i grabbed my keys, my flip flops, dosed my legs with bug spray & headed for the beach.

i stomped down my driveway – pretended to be on the phone as i passed a group of teenagers (they seriously scare me y’all) & as i approached the sand, i saw the most beautiful, simple sky.

this is my home. this is literally my backyard. this is what i was missing as i explained to lydia and hakeem about coax cables & input/output settings.

technology is great. i love it. but i’m also pretty obsessed. i mean – really.

but tonight was really made for exploring. for meeting my neighbors. for capturing moments. for smelling the overpowering scent of honeysuckle. for the constant sound of waves crashing.

comcast is still awful. that’s not changing. but it was pretty much a blessing that the cable & internet signal couldn’t be sent.

here’s to exploring.


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