first timer.


the past seven days have been filled with first-time fun. the above picture describes how i feel about first-time fun.

the first was that one time i saw on instagram that you could make a smoothie with just watermelon & banana. i was a little skeptical bc, well, [watermelon + anything] always sounds disgusting to me. but, i had bananas & i had watermelon & i was feeling dangerous, so i tried it. & it was uhh-mazing! i can’t really describe how it tasted – but it was the most refreshing, delicious combo i’ve ever had! easy-peasey too!


the second was that one time i realized i have impeccable balance. not really – but kinda. i am amazed at the amount of beauty & outdoor-zee stuff my hometown has to offer. you’d think since i have lived here over 25 years i would have been hiking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, paddle boarding, star gazing, sunset chasing my whole life. but no. no, it’s not true. i didn’t really start to appreciate where i live until a couple years ago. i guess it comes with maturity, & the fact that you no longer rely on your parents for rides, & you don’t have homework to worry about, & you don’t necessarily have to be around your friends 24/7 – like you can do things solo & survive. so first-time adventure number 2 was paddle boarding! board courtesy of ryan & training/instruction courtesy of rachael. it was a gorgeous night & such a relaxing time. you do need to focus on balance, but once you’re up, you just chill. now it’s time to invest in a board for myself . . . right?

photo 3(5)

photo 2(9)photo(9)

photo 1(9)

the third exciting first-time event was the end hunger dragon boat festival. i’m not much of a competitive person, nor do i have any upper body strength, but i gotta say – racing against random people in a boat that looks like a dragon is pretty sweet. my team was full of competitive, strong people, so it balanced out my lack thereof. it was a blast to be out on the chesapeake bay racing to help end hunger in my hometown. every stroke meant something – something big. we didn’t win any kinda stellar trophy or sweet medal, but we did learn the art of teamwork & that sunscreen is a must. this will absolutely become the biggest event in calvert county & i can’t wait for next year. ((all dragon pics courtesy of tom & corinne)


















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  1. precious leashy poo!!! i love this! p.s. i’ve always wanted to try the paddle board thing. we should get the kayaks and boards and have a day-o-fun on the chesapeake!

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