july, i’m excited.

so, we are half way through the year. hallelujah, it’s been a good 181 days!

moving forward to the next half of 2013, i’m gonna celebrate with a july photo challenge! whattttt.


day one:

photo(12)happiness is:

the end of a rainy, humid summer day, wondering how the sun will set tonight. seeing a camper & a puddle & a boat & loving all three at once. wanting to go camping by a lake or an ocean or the bay & waking up to the sunrise right on the beach. taking the boat out for the day – packing lots of watermelon & pina coladas. jumping off the boat to cool off & dozing off in a big ol’ water tube, dreaming that the stars will shine so bright later. docking the boat, covering my legs with bug spray, laying on the dark beach – star gazing. that’s happiness.