taking time.

the bible is a huge book. & it can feel super overwhelming. where do we start? what if we don’t understand it?

i’m always super self-conscious about where certain books are in the bible.

“please turn to first peter 3:11”

“shooooooot. where the crap is first peter! ugh. no clue.”

i frequently (yet, reluctantly) use my bible index. my pride is screaming bc I SHOULD KNOW THIS. on top of that – i feel the eyes of my neighbors – – saying:

“really? you don’t know where first peter is?”

it’s funny to me bc i’ve been on the church-scene since i was practically born & yet i can’t remember if the book of hebrews is in the old or new testament.

don’t judge me. i love jesus & that’s all that matters.

sike. i wanna get better at memorization & such. i wanna take time for that.

today i start the brand new #shereadstruth devo: women in the bible! whoohooo.

who doesn’t love studying about other awesome women – ordinary women god used to teach us extraordinary things. so beautiful.

let’s do this together. download the youversion bible app, search for the plan, join the plan & start reading!


2 thoughts on “taking time.

  1. Girl…. I am so with you. I started the study tonight and I had to look in the index for Colossians and then the entire book of Colossians was covered in notes. I wanted to slap myself. I anxiously should know where that section of the bible is!

    Anyways, loving this study already!!

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