forty eight.

day eighteen:


forty eight – – the number of times i have had a mini heart attack over how beautiful my hometown is. & that’s just in the past two months.

i love maryland. i love the bay. i love the river. i love the beach. i love the ponds. i love the cliffs. i love the fireflies. i love the lightening bugs. i love the bright stars. i love the sunrise. i love the sunset. i love that i have to drive 25 minutes to get to the closest target. i love the fields. i love the barns. i love how i pass at least three roadside stands no matter where i drive. i love that friday nights are dedicated to the farmer’s market. i love how many ice cream options there are. i love the trails. i love the hiking. i love all the random 5k races on the island. i love that people sell sharks teeth on the side of the road. i love the humidity. i love the clouds. i love the trees. all the trees. i love the smell of freshly cut grass. i love the summer concerts. i love the lighthouses. i love my running routes. i love that the only decent movie theater is an hour away. i love the horses. i love that i thought i could list forty eight things & then i got bored. i love that i have a.d.d. i love that i diagnosed myself. i love driving with my windows down. i love seedless watermelon chunks.. i love the park. i love to swing on the swings. i love to jump on the trampoline. i love to pretend to be a good swimmer. i love to paddleboard. i love to kayak. i love to canoe. i love to fish. i love to play board games. i love maryland. the end.

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