oh, hello.

timing. it’s a funny thing.

vulnerability. that’s another really funny thing.

how vulnerable should one be? what’s appropriate? what’s safe? it’s tricky to be vulnerable. & then throw in the whole timing thing & you could potentially have one big mess.

i had decided to take a break from social media about a week & a half ago. just wanted to disconnect & reconnect with other things that deserve my attention. i’m not anti-social media or internet. not a chance. but, i was starting to feel guilty that i liked the idea of the books on my bookshelf, but they couldn’t compete with my instagram feed. they were more decoration. & pleasure reading is just one example of something i had been neglecting.

as timing would have it, during this break from social media, i also had a family emergency that absolutely needed my full heart – full attention – full everything. suddenly, nothing else mattered.

like i said, timing is funny.

the break from social media was a beautiful thing – & i strongly encourage people to take breaks when you can. it’s hard at first. but then it’s so freeing that you almost don’t wanna come back. almost.

so, here i am. i’m back. & i’m catching up on what was supposed to be a daily july photo challenge. whoops. forgive me.

i never stopped taking pics during my break – bc i love taking pictures. i love remembering life through a still image. but the desire to immediately share it with the world wasn’t there – mainly bc i didn’t have an avenue to share it. it was weird & beautiful all at the same time.

so here we go. lemme catch up real quick:

day twenty three: (i drew this . . . )

photo 1(2)i drew this . . . not really. i drew the conclusion that disconnecting also allows more time with people & with God.

“come tell Me your troubles. I’m not your answer, but I’m a listening ear.” – [brooke fraser]

day twenty four: (‘d’ is for . . .)

photo 2(2)‘d’ is for . . . DANGGGGGGG that girl finally got a color & cut!

day twenty five: (ground)

photo 3(1)so many choices. so many firsts & lasts. daily.

day twenty six: (the everyday)

photo 1(3)from the hallway in the hospital, i look down & see life flying by. people still living – despite sadness, fear, confusion, frustration. life keeps happening. people are daily facing tough stuff – take time to breathe, look people in the eyes, see their pain & genuinely ask, “how are you doing?”

day twenty seven: (black & white)

photo 4(1)all praises to the One who made it all & finds it beautiful.

day twenty eight: (this is new!)

photo 5(1)my favorite new boardwalk, towering over my favorite new creek which i glide through doing my favorite new hobby, paddleboarding. all these things are new to me.

day twenty nine: (perspective)

photo 3(2){the best feeling in the world is knowing your presence & absence both mean something to someone.}

day thirty: (friendship)

photo 2(3)my grandmom & her bff betty jane. two beautiful, spunky women, just trying to do life together & wanting the best for me. & by best, i mean a man. #priorities

day thirty one: (workspace)

photo 4(2)local treasures where you can order a mocha & snuggle up on a waterfront bench & read leadership books for work. love.

peace, y’all. take time & breathe.

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  1. Love this post. A break from social media is good for all of us every once in awhile. So glad God blessed it. Hope your family emergency is all better. Saying a prayer for you right now.

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