how to choose the perfect bridesmaid dress.

i’ve been a maid to a bride for many occasions.

one: rose’s wedding –

photo 4(1)2006


two: aileen’s wedding –

photo 1(1)2009


three: jess’ wedding –

photo 2(1)2010


four: kathy’s wedding –

photo 3(1)2010


five: jackie’s wedding –

photo 5(1)2012


after five times of being a bridesmaid, you learn a lot about yourself.

weddings aren’t always rainbows & butterflies. the job of the bridesmaid is to do the dirty work so the bride doesn’t have to.

i’ve experienced this five times now – each bride different with their needs, desires, demands.

it’s after the fifth time that you naturally get promoted.

i’m happy to announce i will be the maid of honor in one my best friend’s wedding.

you can congratulate me later . . .

it’s time to get down to business.

first on the agenda – find the perfect bridesmaid dress.

but wait, first, meet the beautiful bride-to-be:



she’s the pretty one on the left. cara. aka carebear.

cara has been engaged for about four weeks now & she wasted no time picking her bridal party, her colors, her venue, her wedding dress & the style bridesmaid dresses she wanted.

she’s my kinda bride.

now, granted, she is getting married in less than three months & time is of the essence, but she has done a majority of the heavy-lifting, the dirty work, the decisions that stress me the stressball out.

so, cara gave me three options for a dress style.

dress option one:

photo 2(2)ahhhh, the classic v-neck. you’ll notice i wore this exact dress in kathy’s wedding. (ps: meet liz, another bridesmaid, hiding behind the red dress)

photo 3(1)i had to pin it in the front because, well, things were getting a bit out of control.

the v-neck is not my friend. we don’t get along. weddings & bridesmaid dresses didn’t exactly bring this to light – but it is good to know when picking a dress. know your body type. know the types of shirts you wear on the daily. you’ll rarely see me in a v-neck. i knew this about myself so when cara asked me to try it on . . . i said


in a super-sweet-maid-of-honor-voice, of course.

dress option two:

photo 1(2)ahh, good ol’ greek goddess style. this could be dangerous. the “tube-top” has been a risky choice for me in the past. i went with this style for jess’ wedding:

photo 2(1)you gotta be extra careful in this style, again, for obvious reasons. ain’t nobody got time to be checking & rechecking & adjusting & readjusting when they are trying to get their groove on. you know exactly what i’m saying.

luckily, this dress does seem very secure & more modest than i expected.

i wasn’t totally discouraged.

photo 1(2)

dress option three:

photo 3(2)the trusty one-shoulder style – where modesty, class & trust collide.

i wore a similar style in jackie’s wedding & it has, by far, been my favorite style for my body type:

photo 5(1)it’s a little mix of greek goddess & elegance. so sweet.

i love the versatility with the one-shoulder, especially when it comes to hair style choices. you have that bare shoulder, ready to either show off or cover with your long, curly hair. the options are endless.

photo 3(2)

from the three choices, this was the winner.

the color cara chose is gorgeousssssss. you’ll have to wait until november to see that detail.

still deciding hair – but i have time.

oh golly, you will die a few deaths when you see cara’s wedding dress.

die. ugh.

so there you go! moral of the story: know your body type, own it & don’t be afraid to say no when you are certain you’ll look a fool in a certain style.

cara is an amazing bride – most girls are. they understand the differences in body types on top of knowing they are gonna be the best looking girl in the room anyway, so they honestly don’t care much about what style you’re in.

if you ask any bride, she’ll say “pick from these types, pick the one you feel the most beautiful and comfortable in, and that’s all i care about.”

they mean it too.

here’s to looking like the most beautiful maids in the land.


4 thoughts on “how to choose the perfect bridesmaid dress.

  1. um, Gorgeous. with a capital G. in all of them. but as a fellow big-busted lady, amen to the v-neck avoidance sister! that style is not my friend. learned that the hard way in a wedding, and let me just tell you, those photos are probably not suitable for anyone’s eyes except my husband’s nowadays…

  2. Love the dress you gals picked out! Cannot wait to see the color now! And so true about body types and dresses. As much as I love the bandeau, the girls just do not. Hahaha they refuse to stay put!

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