an unforgettable baby shower.


i knew this was going to be a party to remember.

with brooke (&her crew) + jackie + lauren + ahna on decorating/design/food/ambience duty – the result will ALWAYS be amazing. seriously.

& that’s exactly what it was.

our beautiful friend valentina is expecting her very first baby, benedict eli, on october 5.

valentina is not your typical girl, so they didn’t throw her a typical baby shower! the party was themed: wine & cheese.

the photos say it all – literally every detail was remembered [WHICH I LOVE] from the food, to the music, to the drinks, to the LOCATION . . . it was a gorgeous evening on the patuxent river. like, seriously.  just look at these photos!  what!?!

each table was decorated with a simple glass vase, lots babies breath & yellow water (yup – – just a few drops of food coloring, y’all.) ps: benedict’s favorite colors are gray & yellow – in case you didn’t know.

the food – any cheese you can think of, every cracker you love & grapes. hello. it’s that simple.  the presentation is what killed it. they are masters. ugh. beautiful.

the drink set-up was exquisite as well: homemade sangria, homemade lemonade & wine. lots of wine. guests were asked to bring their favorite bottle – brilliant.

valentina isn’t much of a “games” girl either – so the night literally consisted of everyone mingling, laughing & enjoying each other.

you’ll notice lots of mustaches as decorations too. adorable. benedict is a special boy & extremely fancy, so the mustaches make sense.

dessert was delicious – homemade cake & homemade cupcakes. every cupcake flavor you’ve dreamed about – it was there.

brooke+crew/jac/lauren/ahnie – you did amazing & you made photographing way more exciting. let’s start a wedding business, k?

valentina & scott – benedict is one blessed baby boy – can’t wait to meet him!!


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all photos were taken either with my canon powershot elph300hs & brooke’s Nikon d300 (still learning how to use that bad boy!)

special thanks to rachael for the shot of me & valentina & to chris for the group shot.

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  1. super easy! [ahna’s cucumber flowers] the spread: [one 8oz block of cream cheese, 1/2 cup of mayo & 1/2 a packet of dry ranch dip mix.] the bread: [pillsbury french loaf in a can (found by the refrigerated, canned biscuits in the grocery store) & put the dough in a pampered chef flower-shaped valtrompia tube. (note: you can also bake the loaf according to the directions on the can if you don’t have a flower-shaped valtrompia tube) bake at 350degrees for about 50 minutes.] the cucumbers: [cut a half-inch slice down the center of the length (head to toe) of the cucumber; then thinly slice the cucumber. a mandolin slicer may be useful here. the thinner the slice, the better.] the topping: [dill weed] the assembly: [cut the loaf into approximately 1/3 inch thick slices. spread the creamy goodness. twist cucumber & stick on top. top with dill weed.] ta da!

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