decorating on a budget: bridal shower edition


typical protocol for bridal showers is that the bridesmaids & maid of honor plan & execute a lovely, cute event.

you must first follow these steps:

1. pick a date – usually about a month before the wedding

2. pick a location – depending on the month, weather could be an issue, so obviously take that into consideration

3. get the guest list from the bride-to-be. i think it’s adorable when sisters plan the entire shower, guests & all, but if you don’t exactly know all the bride’s peeps, get a list. there is nothing wrong with inviting exactly who the bride wants. it’s all about her. for real.

4. pick a theme. pinterest is gold for this step.

5. send evite or invitations

6. decide on menu

7. decide on decorations

8. decide on games

9. delegate tasks to the other bridesmaids

so here’s the low-down on cara’s shower:

theme: love is brewing / coffee shop

now, although this a popular theme, there are a few very real reasons we went with the coffee shop.

1. cara is obsesssssssed with coffee. she has her own personal kerig under her desk at work. she LOVES coffee. especially blueberry coffee.

2. see picture:photo(14)

seth & cara’s love story started with coffee from starbucks – extra whip.

once we figured out the theme, we hit the streets of pinterest for ideas.

cara’s mom graciously offered her help with all the food. this may seem normal, or no big deal, but once you see the menu we picked, you will suddenly realize that was a HUGE deal.

as much as we wanted to go big with this shower, the reality is we had to stay to a very slim budget.

so here is how we decorated on a budget!

card table usethe card table: date ideas & crumpled paper, pictures of the couple, the party favors & the thank you card envelopes for people to self- address.

it’s a simple concept & worked like a charm.

DSC_9103cloth baggies, with a purple heart drawn on, filled with chocolate-covered pomegranates & acai berries.

centerpiecestable centerpieces

chalkboardthe entry

balloonsgift table

DSC_9075iced coffee bar










games cups strawswe played the messy purse game & present bingo. both were a big hit. i owned about 25 mason jars which we used for the cup ‘o joe!


IMG_4580& that’s it! seriously so simple, yet so detailed. every single part of this shower was thought-out & so many people had a hand in making it so successful. i’m so thankful.

i’ll end with this beautiful little rap i wrote for the evite. oh, & you can thank holly for the “foreva-mo!” part. she’s real good with words & stuff.

sweet cara herritt has met her match,
& seth randleman is absolutely a catch.
while they spend their days wooing,
true love is certainly brewing.
let’s celebrate with a cup o’ joe
& drink to their happiness – foreva-mo!

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  1. Oh my!!! This was great! I loved getting the ‘behind the scenes’ look! Thank you for a.) pulling off such a great bridal shower & b.) documenting it so beautifully in this here blog!!!

    Love you girl!

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