his first name luke, his last name warm.

photo(15)oh golly. she’s writing about being single again.



in a culture focused on the next step, i wanna take time to pause. if that means once a month, once a week, once a day, then that’s what i will do.

i saw this video about three years ago & every time i watch it, my heart bursts. you should watch it after you read this post.

there is no need to rush. why do we live in such a rushed culture?

in my life, i’ve looked forward to the next step SO much.

in elementary school, i couldn’t wait for middle school.

in middle school, i couldn’t wait for high school.

in high school, i couldn’t wait for college.

in college, i couldn’t wait to graduate.

it’s a steady progression that we can’t deny; we are always anticipating that next step, which ultimately results in us missing the current step; the step we couldn’t wait to be in just a few years before.

& this must be why i tend to see life in steps. i think we all do.

after college, you get a job; start your career. then you find your husband. then you get married. then you have kids. then you raise your family. then your kiddos leave the nest. then you & your husband learn to build a marriage that is no longer second to raising your kids. then you become a grandparent. then you spend your days spoiling those babies. then you retire. then . . . then the next step is relying on other people to take care of you.

well, who honestly wants to rush all of that?! gives me small doses of anxiety just thinking about it.

so instead of thinking of life in steps, i’m abandoning all of that. all of it.

there is no next step for me. i love my job. i love my friends. i love my saturdays on the couch & my wednesdays catching the sunset. i love playing mario cart randomly on a friday night & having spontaneous dinners with my dad.

i like the unpredictable life.

i used to dread questions about my career and my lack of a love life. but that was before i realized that life is so much more than all of those steps. those steps may define you at dinner parties or at christmas gatherings, but then what happens once that isn’t enough anymore? let’s talk about other things. bigger things. things that will last much longer than any career or any relationship.

as long as i’m content with where i am, knowing it’s god’s will & not mine, i sleep well at night. when i start worrying if i’m keeping up with all the steps or the awkward dinner party conversation i might have with strangers, that’s when i’ve lost sight of the purpose. the purpose isn’t to complete a bunch of steps. the purpose is to serve & love. the rest will happen in it’s time. just like it always does.

take 8 minutes & watch this beautiful poetic story of waiting. waiting. ugh. it’s just so powerful.


let’s live life abandoned & see how easily christ rescues us.

i dare you.

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  1. you are so wise. “the purpose is to serve and love. the rest will happen in time”. yes, i love this so much! and i am going through this right now with the “having kids step”…it is always a good reminder for all of us.

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