four eyes: a spectacle story


no, you don’t need to adjust your screen. this is just a glimpse into what i see without glasses. scary, right?

so, the other day, i got new glasses! yahoo! but this isn’t new in my life. glasses have been around for, like, EVER.

i’d like to share a little of this story . . . so sit back, relax & read about the story of me, etleyB, & my journey of growing up with four eyes.

there i am. a happy child. my main worry was a) can i sleep whenever i want & 2) can i eat whenever i want.



i had the life.


i watched tv for hours.

img405and hours.

img406and hours.


and hours.


up close & personal – just the way i like it.

img402i was happy.

img396i took pictures with ease.

img397i went on vacations.

img399i met celebrities.

img398i was living it up, doing my nails, apologizing to no one.

img403but then it happened.

my 2nd grade teacher contacted my mom one day. she suggested i needed glasses. that’s the day that forever changed my life.

most kids would dread glasses. i mean who really wants another accessory hanging on their face? apparently, i did, because i embraced the HECK outta this addition to my face.

so where did i start? i got to choose from a huge wall FULL of frames. my heart was full. full of possibilities & plastic!

my first influence was good ol’ chuckie. a fun-loving, red-headed kid with a passion for life.



i was very aware that my eyes needed to see A LOT of things, so the bigger the frame, the bigger the glass, the bigger the glass, the more my eye can see. make sense? it made lots of sense to me, because in 4th grade i traded in my finster’s for something even BIGGER.




lots of surface area. these glasses made it a dream to read. i read books all the time.

then came the fashion icon that i just couldn’t resist. the urkel’s brought about a lot of friends in elementary school, but i wanted more than just friends. i was heading into middle school & i really needed my game face on. i wanted the boys to notice me. i rationalized all sorts of ways i could get their attention ending with one simple solution. harry potter: the way to any guy’s heart.




i want to tell you all about the boyfriends i got after this frame change, but why bore you to death!?

i went with the harry potter look until about 7th grade. then my world changed forever. i was introduced to CONTACTS! i was obsessed. i went from being four-eyes to two-eyes. it was big-girl stuff.

of course, i still wanted to keep up with the fashion trends & the celebrities. i had my harry potters, but i would never dream of wearing them out in public. i needed to an update.

that’s when i found inspiration in a favorite movie of mine, containing a break out star named, mclovin.




i know you’re thinking, why is she getting fashion influence from dudes? well, do you SEE their glasses? HOT STUFF! why wouldn’t i??

the almond-shaped frame really helped me hone in on specific things, like words on pages & insects on the ground. i felt intelligent in my mclovin’s.

i went through my college career sporting both contacts & the mclovin’s, but when i graduated, i knew it was time to step it up a notch.

& that’s when i looked to leonard hofstadter.




& that brings us to today. i had fun with the leonard’s. they served a great purpose – i saw my first apartment in them, my first-ever big girl job, my first ever HOUSE. i’ve seen god change my entire life wearing the leonard’s. they will forever hold a special place in my life.


there is always a time to move on, to see new things, through new lenses.

so, with so many iconic frames under my belt, i started thinking about what i wanted next. if you’ve noticed, the glasses game has significantly shifted BACK to where it was when i first started. i didn’t necessarily want to go back to fun-loving finister, but something similar.

& then i found the answer.


so, are you ready to see the new frames?


you like?




as you can see, honestly, not much has changed since the beginning of my glasses story . . .


except maybe my teeth . . .

((thank you, braces!!))

i know my story doesn’t end here . . . well . . . because my eyes are literally only getting worse . . . but i hope to continue to embrace fashion icons like finster, urkel, potter, mclovin, hofstadter & griswold.

thanks for reading. you can get these LOVELY beauties from warby parker.

love always, four-eyes


PS: do NOT sit so dang close to the tv. i blame this for my poor vision. ugh. the days before the remote.

6 thoughts on “four eyes: a spectacle story

  1. I’m fairly certain we went through the same stages of glasses…I started with the Chuckie’s in 2nd grade!! Haha! Mine were “see-through” pink 🙂 My 2nd grade teacher also told my parents that I couldn’t see. Isn’t it funny we had no idea how blind we were??

  2. those look fabulous on you!! sometimes i wish i needed glasses because i would love me a pair of warbys. but then again, i can see when i wake up, so it’s a tradeoff. ❤

  3. Clark looks so good on you. And, you have me in stitches with all of your references! I just got a new pair of frames. My husband calls them the Supermans. As in Clark Kent. I pretend they’re more feminine than his, but they probably aren’t! 🙂

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