a sweet, sweet love with extra whip!

news flash: cara & seth are MARRIED.

it was a BEAUTIFUL weekend & the most perfect wedding day. i wanted to take a ton more pics but being in the bridal party always proves to make that much harder.

i thought i’d include my maid of honor speech as it kinda sorta tells the love story of seth & cara:

“hi everyone! y’all look great!! my name is alicia & i’m friends with both of these love birds . . . but my story begins with cara aka carebear.

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cara met me before i even knew who she was. which i know sounds a little creepy but it’s not.

photo 2 (4)so let’s take it back about two years ago. cara was a single girl in florida & i was a single girl right here in maryland. one day i shared my story about being single at chesapeake church – cara’s mom peggi shared my story with cara & i had no idea.

photo 1i really believe that’s when God started bringing chesapeake into cara’s heart again. a year later she moved back to maryland, she got a job at chesapeake where we officially met, where we shared an office & that’s when our friendship bloomed.

photo 5 (3)that’s also where we spent afternoons chatting with larry about his really good friend. he would go on & on about this guy named seth. larry had only good things to say about him. this wasn’t larry’s plan to gossip with the girls & avoid doing work . . . im pretty sure . . . this was God using larry to plant a seed. a very important seed.

photo 3 if you know the story of seth and cara, you know it’s a good one. i’m sure larry will go into it a bit so i’ll fast forward to the juicy stuff – like the day seth brought cara her favorite starbucks coffee with extra whip & asked her out on their first date.

photo 5 (2)i actually watched the whole encounter from my office & i literally cried. i knew it wasn’t just a silly game for seth. fast forward to late nights in cara’s room with me & holly, talking about seth & the way he was encouraging cara to dig deeper in her relationship with God & just the pure comfort she felt around seth. this was a big deal.

if i had to describe seth in one word i would choose noble. from the moment seth pursued cara, he was loyal & honest and i watched cara fall in love. oh & HE’S HILARIOUS. if you can make me to laugh, i automatically wanna be your best friend. seth is such a likeable guy. & the sweetest guy for the sweetest girl! God’s timing is perfect.
you know, cara & seth are rooted in the same love – the love of christ. & we can’t expect everyday to be happy & carefree bc geez life just isn’t like that EVER, it won’t suddenly be that way after marriage. but, what’s true is that their relationship is centered around christ – & whatever comes into this marriage has a firm foundation.
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so my prayer from this day forward is that God teaches, comforts & loves through every season & He is glorified through this beautiful marriage. i’m so thankful God brought you guys together. cara always tells us girls, you know, mostly as a testament to her & seth but i also think it’s for encouragement, she tells us:  “my mom always told me, when you find the one, it happens fast!”

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& they lived happily ever after . . .


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  1. i think you need to start a wedding blog. something to do with weddings, either planning them, or photographing them, or reviewing them after they happen. because you are so good at telling love stories lady.

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