blogiversary! two years.

when i first started this blog back in december of 2011, i had no intentions of sharing it with the world. i told my brother & my best friend, tracy, that it existed & that they should subscribe to it.

they did, of course, bc i wasn’t really asking them to, i was telling them to, in true etley fashion.

so i wrote & wrote, with an audience of two. the two people i trusted the most, who i knew would support me & maybe even chuckle at my stories.

then in 2013 i resolved to go public with this here blog. it was the turning point. i had to get more creative & really write with a legit audience in mind. it was scary. it was exciting. it was hard.

so today i celebrate two years of blogging with etley enlightens. i have met some really special people during this journey. it’s funny; when you start doing what you love & you break past the point of safe to vulnerable, God really introduces some sweet, sweet blessings.

i’m thankful for every single person who has taken time to read, to laugh, to cry, to love this blog & the writer behind the words.


in honor of this little blogiversary, i thought it would be appropriate to take a peek back at my very first post. enjoy:

growing up, my grandparents would always send me & my broski christmas advent calendars. some years they would be santa-themed, other years would be nativity-scene themed.

i personally liked the ones with a chocolate delight for each day; i didn’t care what cute picture & sentence they put with it.

my broski put up with a lot :

me: “ummm, it’s definitely MY turn to open today.”

broski: “are you sure . . . i thought you did it yesterday?”

me: “shut up, i’m doing it today! and tomorrow! and days 15 – 25.”

broksi: “whatever . . .”

it was probably much different than that. i’m sure i said something about doing it EVERYDAY, but my memory is kinda fuzzy in the early childhood years.

this year, my grandparents sent an electronic advent globe download amazingness.

this bad boy does it all!

i received an email notifying me that an advent calendar was given to me as a gift from “Grandma and Grandpa” a few days ago and right away, i clicked the download button!

now a beautiful snowglobe resides on my desktop at work, glowing and sprinkling snow every few minutes.

it’s a pretty sweet advent-globe thingy. you should totally get one. i clicked day one tonight . . .

memories of childhood christmases came flooding back, and i suddenly wished i hadn’t eaten all the chocolate, but rather, shared a little bit with the broksi.

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  1. I love your blog. You truly have a gift for being real, and relatable, super funny, and are always beautiful. Here’s to lots more years!

  2. I too look forward to your posts. You are a smart and intuitive young woman with a gift for words… its a delight.

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