vacation do’s & don’ts.


i want to give you a few do’s & don’t when it comes to vacation.

i’ve recently returned from sunny florida & i’ve learned some important lessons.

vacation DO:

book the red eye flight. you get to watch the sunrise from the plane window. who cares if you can’t see it very well through your bloodshot, tired eyes.

photo 2(2)

photo 4

photo 2(1)

vacation DON’T:

book with a reputable airline. reputation means nothing. pick an airline you’ve never heard of & be super surprised when you go to check-in & you owe an extra $50 for your carry-on.



photo 1

vacation DO:

always bring a rolly carry-on bag. with wheels. bc you’ll be walking a lot through the airport & your vera bradley suitcase is cute & all, but you will look like a hunchback fool trying to carry that heavy thing around.


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vacation DON’T:

ignore the resort reviews. take them as truth AND RUN WITH THEM.

photo 5

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vacation DO:

bring your magic bullet. it forces you to eat healthy during your week away from routine.

photo 2



vacation DON’T:

talk to anyone. seriously. this is your time away from reality. pretend you are the only person who exists. it’s so relaxing. & kinda rude. be rude. you deserve it.

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vacation DO:

pack your coconut oil! it does pass through security by the second scan of your bag. & it’s a must have for make-up removal & healthy fat for your morning smoothie!

photo 3

photo 3(5)


vacation DON’T:

hashtag anything while you’re away. safety first! people are creepy. hashtag when you get home but not while you’re on vacation. especially if you’re alone.

photo 4(3)



vacation DO:

download the gasbuddy app. this will save your life when you’re about to return your rental car & you get lost in the land of 18-wheelers trying to find a gas station. gas buddy is truly your buddy.

photo 1(2)



vacation DON’T:

get so wrapped up in the book you’re reading that you drop the book into the pool. & when the lady next to you feels bad for you & your book, reassure her everything is okay & that the book will dry in this 80 degree weather.




photo 5(3)

vacation DO:

randomly watch an episode of ‘mad men’ on your hotel tv & get addicted to it when you return home & watch four seasons in about two weeks. do that.

photo 5(1)



photo 4(1)

vacation DON’T:

wait another 365 days to do this again. you’re worth it. book another one in six months.


all pictures were taken by me with my iphone.

pompano beach, florida

it really was beautiful.

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  1. Your photos are GORGEOUS! I can’t believe you took them with your iphone. You definitely have a gift!

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