holiday gift guide.


i’m linking up a day early & a dollar tall with my blogging buddies heros erin & amber for #12daysofblogging. it’s a little blogiverse Christmas celebration that TONS of other bloggers have been participating in.

& here i go, trying to fit in with the other cool bloggers 😉

erin gave me permission to do a vlog — so here goes nothing.

here’s my holiday gift guide slash wishlist. click on ma face or right here.


2 thoughts on “holiday gift guide.

  1. i did give you permission, and i am SO GLAD you took me up on it! i love seeing your face and your amazing sense of humor! ridiculous….ly awesome! thanks for the trip down memory lane girl. and thanks for being so great.

  2. Oh my goodness! I was giggling so hard while watching this! Thank you so much for sharing! I totally feel like we grew up at the same time and place. LOL. The party about Bobby’s World was hilarious!

    Life as a Hughes

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