looking for some ACTION.

i went to washington, dc the other day with the fam. we never do this. ever.

living 45 minutes away from the nation’s capital sounds like it would be a weekly, maybe monthly, trip – but it literally turns out to be once or twice a year. bizarre.

but anywhozzles, as we walked down the mall – & no, mall does not refer to shopping – the mall in dc is unpaved roads & grass – i stopped to talk to random people with a table set-up advertising free poetry! they had cool, old typewriters & were super sweet!


that’s me & my new poem & frankie the poet!

wanna hear the awesome poem he wrote for me? click on the video belowwwwwww.


happy new year!! here’s to getting lots of ACTION. 


4 thoughts on “looking for some ACTION.

  1. That’s so cool! I’ve only been to DC once and it was for a marathon. The day of the race we decided to explore on crazy sore legs. I would love to go back when I could enjoy it more!

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