a couple months ago i saw the movie “about time” starring one of my favs, rachel mcadams & a really adorable red-headed dude.

it was cute movie, but what i liked about it the most was how it left me thinking. for hours. days. months. i still think about it. hence why i’ve decided to write this post.

the premise of the movie (warning: not sure if this is considered a spoiler alert, but regardless, consider yourself warned) is that a family has the ability to travel back in time. yes. it sounds corny, but surprisingly the script/directing made it seem so normal. i found myself very emotionally invested in the decisions of the cute red-headed boy. i think i even caught myself yelling at him. in the theater. yes, it happened.

so after the movie i was talking to my friend & of course, we asked each other the question: if you could go back in time & change things, would you?

i immediately went to “the bad” things in my life. the times where life was just plain hard. those are the things people always want to change, right? in theory, we would like avoid all that pain & hurt; maybe pretend like it never happened? choose a different path.

but when i started thinking about it, i suddenly became a little overwhelmed. those hard times were . . . well, HARD . . . but they changed me. i was changed & i grew from all the hard times. if i went back in time & manipulated life so those things never happened, my life would look DRAMATICALLY different.

it’s such a crazy concept, changing the past. we obviously will never be able to do it, bc as much as i might wish “about time” was a documentary, it’s FICTION. meaning – it can’t happen. but it’s fun to imagine. to imagine traveling back in time, making different choices & watching life happen so differently.

i would guess that most of us have a time in mind right this second, that given the chance, we’d like to make the moment disappear, or as my friend rachael often says, “put it in the never-happened closet.” but think about all that happened after that moment.

for me, pain produced grace & love & my decision to follow Christ. pain produced a need for a Savior. in all my hard times, i came running back to my Savior. so i wouldn’t want to avoid that pain, bc i would have never needed Christ as much as i did . . . do.

if you’re like me & abstract, imagination talk gets your heart pumping. try thinking about that question today, this week, this month: if you could go back in time & change things, would you?

let me know. i think it’s so interesting that second-chances are such an integral part of our lives, our society. we do it wrong the first time & we want to try again. we want it to go our way. or the way we think it should go. we want the control.

but the moments where i’ve been the most out-of-control have grown me the most. the mostest.

tell me what you think.

thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “do-over?

  1. you’re back! and this is such a good comeback! i am the same as you. there are sometimes i SO WISH i could just go back and reset the clock. and then in my stronger moments, i realize that they shaped me. but i loved that movie because everything in life kind of turned out the same, with just little variations on the style of it all. and so maybe i’d make those types of changes…just for fun.

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