prayers answered.

what a title.

usually when i say god answered my prayers, immediately we begin to think that means god did what i asked him to do, essentially.

but this time, god did the complete opposite of what i asked him to. side note: [i can’t tell god what to do, as much as i like to think that’s what’s happening . . .]

so NO still counts as an answer, right?

i mean, that’s the thing about asking. there are three answers. parents know exactly what i’m talking about.

yes, no or not now.

kids hate no and they hate not now. but at least not now has hope attached to it. no, well, that just sounds hopeless.

but, see, that’s where i’m learning the most.

there IS hope in no. we can all think of a time where the answer was no, & days, months, years later, we are SO thankful for that no.

for instance, think of the first person you thought you were going to marry. think about it. & i’m not talking about you love birds who met your soulmate first-try & have an amazing storybook love story. i’m talking to the rest of us 😉 where we weren’t so blessed haha.

so think about that first person you swore up & down you were going walk down the aisle with & make babies with & grow old with.

can you imagine?

see . . . sometimes no is a blessing too!

check out this week’s vlog [VIDEO} update. if you’re wondering what this prayer thing has to do with, well, i’m not really sure. haha. i’m basically just thankful god tells me no.

enjoy & thanks for reading & watching. xoxo