april goals.

spring, sprang, sprung.


after such a L O N G four months of cold, dark, gloom i’ve never been more ready for chirping, sunny, warm, breezy days.

& that’s exactly what today brings.

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i love having goals for all the same reasons that EVERYBODY likes goals. so i won’t bore you with all of that.

what i will do is share my april goals, broken down into specific areas in my life, so as to not overwhelm myself. i’m not trying to change my entire life in the next 30 days, but rather, add a little bit of joy, tweak a few lazy areas & slowly add in some habits that i deserve to be doing.

MINDremembering truth, speaking truth, believing truth / / specifically i need to recondition my mind with the things i tell myself or believe about myself. you know, the negative crappy lies that stop me from being free & crazy & happy. i think the mini goal within this is to wake up every morning & say “I am worth it!” haha how CHEEZEBALL. but i don’t care, i gotta do what i gotta do, boo.


body the ever popular exercise goal. we all have one, & with nicer weather, i can’t really get away with anymore excuses. sure, laziness & lack of motivation are easy fall-back excuses, but NO MORE. this month my goal is to run. it’s kinda broad BUT i think it’s a goal i can actually achieve. i LOVE running – it’s my passion. but when my mind isn’t in-check & focused, running just stresses me more than it relaxes me. so i’m not gonna go with “run 3 x week” but just run – could be everyday or once/week.



forgiveness.simple, right? i have people to forgive. of course, we ALL do. ironically, i should be able to take the month of april, forgive those people, & start may with a fresh start. BUT it’s never that easy. ugh. it SHOULD be though. my goal is to figure out what is holding me back from forgiving those people, pray to LET IT GO, & be vulnerable to whatever comes. bc when i ask, i know it will be answered. yikes.


pick kitchen shelves – buy kitchens shelves – install kitchen shelves / / i have been avoiding this project      for way too long. i blame pinterest. i’ll find the exact style i want my shelves to be, then i scroll though pinterest & find another style. then i give up. i want it to be perfect. i need to let it go & just DECIDE.



outsideif you know me, you know i’m a little sky-obessed. my goal is to get outside & catch the sunrise & sunset once a week. & while i’m doing that, i need to remember to bring some gloves & a trash bag & clean up the beach. people be SLOBS & i can’t stand it.




skype tracy. i promise this is a hefty goal! we live in different countries, have completely different schedules & are in completely different life-stages. so, it’s just harder & harder for us to connect & i need that to change. if i can have a face-to-face convo with her, i know it will bring a smile to face & peace in my heart.

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so here’s my questiondo any of you struggle with perfection? have you been avoiding doing things bc it won’t be perfect?

i get this beautiful character trait from my dad, & although it makes me look laid-back & spontaneous, it actually stresses me out. if you do struggle, let me know how you deal.

happy april. let’s make it a great month!

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  1. you are so thoughtful about everything that it makes me want to be better! i could maybe hire you as my life coach? yea, that’s a good idea. i think i’ll do that. so keep going girl, you’re inspiring me!

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