i’m gonna go there really quick.

this morning i was taking care of some important facebook timeline business, scrolling through hundreds of pictures of friends from Easter weekend. & liking the crap outta them all.

i was literally overwhelmed by the amount of smiles, bunnies, candy, dresses, laughter . . . it was all just so beautifully overwhelming.

you might believe in god, you might believe in jesus, you might believe in happiness or the easter bunny or santa claus or family or love or all of it.

but at the end of the day, history is history. we can’t change it. christmas & easter are all about jesus. it’s why it began & why it has sustained for thousands of years. he’s alive & we can’t help but celebrate.

so as i’m scrolling through all the pictures & moments from the weekend of all my facebook friends & instagram people, i realized, that no matter what anyone believes, most families feel compelled to spend christmas & easter TOGETHER. & not only together, but they want to document the memories & share it with the world. it shows that it MATTERS to them. that although it’s hard to get the whole family together every weekend, we can at least do it christmas & easter.

i have a very blended family. one half of my family DOES get together literally every weekend, & then other parts of my family only get together during holidays. so i understand both situations.

i guess what struck me the most this morning was the thought that jesus is still drawing people to Him without them even realizing it. during christmas & easter, we might feel an obligation to go to church or visit our family or take a billion pictures or sit & ponder what the heck we are even celebrating – – that’s powerful. more powerful than we might realize.

i just love how subtle jesus is. He doesn’t force anyone to do anything but yet, we do it all on our own. it just amazes me that we are all wired to love & be together. it tells the story of jesus without having to tell the story of jesus. what a leader. what a humble, smarter than smart, leader.

this week was longgggg. exciting at times, scary & stressful at times. thanks for reading & watching. xox

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