the T stands for torture

there are certain people who are passionate about fitness.

i consider myself moderately passionate. i certainly enjoy a workout or two.

but i’m not obsessed. it takes a ton of motivation but once i’m rolling, you can’t stop me. can’t stop, won’t stop. unless, of course, i get lazy again. then i will most likely stop.

at the end of may, a few friends and i had the BRILLIANT idea of starting the T25 workout. shaun T likes to cleverly remind us at least twice during the workout that the “T” stands for “time.” meaning, you give him 25 minutes a day, & he’ll give you amazing results.

although i disagree about the acronym . . . the “T” clearly stands for “torture,” the man knows how to make the workout worth it.



here’s how the five week journey played out . . .


& the moral of the story . . .


i’ve lost 9 pounds.

i’m not done. we’re not done. tomorrow starts the next five weeks.


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