shaun, my new best friend.


i’m not sure how to break the news but, here goes nothing.

i can do a push up. yes. a push up.

& no, not a regular push up. a “girl” push up. but i don’t even CARE. my elbows bend & my chest goes to the floor. & i can do that multiple times.

the past five weeks i’ve been doing BETA – which is the next level of T25. i’m no poster child for T25 but if you want a manageable workout that keeps you on your toes & doesn’t seem to get any easier – i highly recommend it.

over the past TEN weeks since starting T25, i’ve lost a grand total of 17 lbs. // to see & read about the first FIVE weeks, click HERE.

photo 4-2

i have a BIG goal – & i’m super encouraged & excited to be making progress. i keep telling people that i wasn’t sitting around in the winter bragging about the weight i put ON lol but it’s a little more exciting to brag about the weight you take OFF. am i right? YES.

it’s been a fun five weeks.

photo 1-4


photo 3-3


photo 1-5


photo 2-4

thanks for reading & watching. i’m not doneeeeeeeee.

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