guest spot alex: how to lose sleep in 10 days.

remember alex?

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she first guest starred on my blog in february, teaching us ten hilarious things about being pregnant. if you wanna catch up, click HERE. quick side note: y’all LOVED alex. i had record-breaking visits to my blog thanks to her post . . . so, it’s good to have her back!!

alex & her hubby mike HAD THEIR BABY!!! watch the video to meet jameson michael face-to-face.

[ you won’t regret #pressingplay – i promise ]

SO . . . it’s been a little over a week since alex had her sweet baby boy.

& it’s no surprise that new parents barely get showers let alone some shut eye. i wanted alex to give us a few tips on labor & post labor & honestly . . . i wanted to show these NEVER BEFORE SEEN pictures. you might die. *warning*

& here’s alex / / /

how to lose sleep in 10 days:

1. your delivery nurse(s) will make or break your labor & delivery. i saw my doctor for a combined hour the whole time i was in labor. my nurses did the majority of the work. & they were AMAZING. they made me feel completely comfortable & safe.

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2. GET AN EPIDURAL. it literally is the best thing in the world. i got mine very early in the process & it allowed me to be completely relaxed for the rest of the process. i even got a few naps in here & there.

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3. the IV is the most painful part of the process. (ok . . . pushing hurts maybe a little worse). but seriously, the IV hurt way worse than the 6 inch needle they put into my spine (which you don’t even feel. crazy, i know!!).


4. we knew a week in advance we were having a baby on july 31st. no one else knew we were having a baby on july 31st (with the exception of my family members, who it would be very hard to keep it from). this was done on purpose so we wouldn’t have a flood of people calling/ texting/ coming to the hospital. i would do that same tactic, every time.


5. the amount of love you feel when you first see your baby’s face is indescribable. i really have no words for it. it was the best feeling ever.


6. stay in the hospital as long as you can. they bring you everything you need; food, drinks, painkillers. it’s like room service!


7. babies are the most inconsiderate human beings. they don’t care if you finally fall asleep; if they want to be awake, they will make sure you are awake too! good thing they are so dang cute!!


8. everyone & their mother will try to come visit you in the first few days home. it’s ok to say “NO, this isn’t a good time!” but, if they are bringing food, let them come, you will need it later!



9. crying. it will happen. everyday. some days you will cry because the baby is crying & you don’t know what to do. other days you will cry when you think about the fact he will never be this little ever again, or that one day soon your husband will go back to work & leave you at home alone with him. & some days you will cry & not even know why you’re crying, & may not even realize that you are crying.


10. being a mom is the most terrifying, exhausting, but rewarding, job you could ever have. from the first moment my baby was laid on my chest & looked up at me with those big innocent eyes, i knew my life will never be the same. but it’s for the better.


thanks again for alex & her wit. it’s also mike & alex’s one year wedding anniversary today.

be sure to wish them a happy anni & a happy new baby!!

love love love. 

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  1. LOVE this. Those pictures. #9 is so true. I would have never considered myself an emotional person pre-baby. I’m crying now.

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